Claim of Right – your chance to affirm or re-affirm

“We, gathered as the Scottish Constitutional Convention, do hereby acknowledge the sovereign right of the Scottish people to determine the form of government best suited to their needs….”

To affirm or re-affirm your commitment to the Claim of Right on its 20th anniversary contact

2 Responses to Claim of Right – your chance to affirm or re-affirm

  1. Elspeth Kane says:

    the title “First Minister” as at present is preferable to “Prime Minister” because:
    1. It reminds us all that the FM is one of a number of ministers; it has echoes of “first among equals”
    2. It’s straightfoward, unpretentious
    3. We’ve got used to it, it’s become distinctively Scottish!
    4. “Prime Minister” has become tainted by its UK context where the PM (whoever it is)has come to totally dominate cabinet affairs and even determine important policy without consultation (such as when David Cameron walked out of EU negotiations without informing, much less consulting his deputy & coalition partners).

  2. Elspeth Kane says:

    Chapter XI – Seven Principles of Public Life
    ii Integrity

    There’s something important missing here, though I can’t formulate it very well. One manifestation of corruption (in terms of integrity if not strict legality) is people leaving office and taking up well paid “consultancies” or directorships, and it becomes evident in retrospect that their erstwhile lobbyers have become their benefactors. In other words, while they may not have received money or positions while in office, it’s clear their actions or policies while in office have been influenced by the “understanding” or prospect of future personal gain – not limited to material gain, but advantage, honours or status-awards and other juicy inducements.
    A paragraph on being influenced by the hope, expectation or prospect of future gain or future advantage really needs to be included.

    MSPs and Ministers should be obliged to publicly disclose, in their declaration of interest, any suggestion with regard to their future advantage or employment made by anyone connected with lobbying.