A Constitution for Everyone: Pluralism and the Limits of Pre-commitment

By W. Elliot Bulmer, Research Director. Following the Scottish Government’s public commitment to a written Constitution for Scotland in January, the Deputy First Minister has issued a paper setting out the Government’s plans for a post-independence constitution-making process. Although many details of the constitution-making … Continue reading

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Constitutional Thought for the Day

What are Constitutions For? All states practice government; all communities practice politics. In an authoritarian regime, government ignores and excludes politics. In a totalitarian regime, government controls and manipulates politics. Only in a democracy does politics direct government. The aim … Continue reading

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Constitutional Commission welcomes commitment to a written constitution

16 January 2013 The Constitutional Commission welcomes the following statement made by First Minister Alex Salmond on 16 January 2013. This is a clear endorsement by the Scottish Government of the sovereignty of the people of Scotland and also its … Continue reading

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Public meeting: What is the role of Broadcasting in Scotland?

The Constitutional Commission holds a public meeting, “What is the role of Broadcasting in Scotland?” on Tuesday 11 December 2012 at the Scottish Parliament. This month broadcasting in the UK celebrates the 90th anniversary since its inception as 2LO or … Continue reading

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Public meeting: A state fit for the 21st century

Constitutional Commission will hold a public meeting to discuss the nature and shape of a reconstituted Scottish state on Thursday 28th June at the Scottish Parliament. Continue reading

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