John Drummond's article on Sunday Herald

John Drummond, Chairman of the Constitutional Commission, writes for Sunday Herald on 20 January 2013:

"Thanks to Salmond's announcement, it has become sensible to ask what an erstwhile Unionist might want from an independent Scotland. And it is likely the former Unionist and the former Nationalist will both want similar things: the protection of fundamental rights; a fair and free electoral process; an independent judiciary; and a political system in which power can peacefully and democratically be transferred from one government to another."

"The adoption of a new constitution will have to wait until after independence, but now is the time for Scots to think about the kind of constitution we need. We must discuss the key institutional provisions ... . Luckily, on these matters which actually constitute the organs of self-government, we have good models to work from, and there is unlikely to be major disagreement. This meets the first role of a constitution, which is to provide democratic ground rules and fundamental rights. The Constitutional Commission would like this to be clarified in the forthcoming White Paper and put into an interim constitutional framework from the outset."

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"Our constitution is who we are. It defines and legitimizes us as a people and a country." Caroline Trench-Sandiford, Deputy Leader of the Opposition (People's United Party), Belize.