Constitutional Commission Research Director promoted to new international position.

Dr Elliot Bulmer, Research Director of the Constitutional Commission since 2009, is promoted to  a new position working on constitutional design for a major international organisation in the Netherlands. He takes up his new appointment on October 1, 2013. 

Through his extensive research and writings, Dr Bulmer has changed the nature of the constitutional debate in Scotland, helping to put the case for a democratic written Constitution at the heart of the Scottish Government’s vision of an independent Scotland, while also encouraging a wider and more informed discussion of constitutional matters amongst the Scottish public.

The new appointment will enable Dr Bulmer, who is also an Arabic linguist, to bring his passion, skills and expertise in the field of constitution building to bear in an international environment, as he helps to support countries in transition to independence or democracy through the tough compromises of constitution-building.

Dr Bulmer said, “I am very much looking forward to this new opportunity. Across the world, having a written constitution is not a controversial position; it is a norm of democratic legitimacy. Most countries, on becoming independent or transitioning to democracy, prioritise the importance of a good Constitution, and are keen to benefit from both the latest research and international experience. ”

Constitutional Commission  Convenor, John Drummond, said, “We are delighted for Elliot. He’s a leading player in this field and it was only a matter of time before his talents were recognized at a global level, but his move is a loss to both Scotland, and the UK. Elliot combines a profound scholarly understanding of constitutional issues with the ability to communicate that understanding to the wider public. This combination will be sorely missed and hard to replace. As the referendum approaches, and some form of constitutional change is likely in the future, Scotland  will need all those who help the country to think more deeply and creatively about the possibilities of a changed constitutional future.”

Dr Bulmer will continue to serve the Constitutional Commission as a non-executive committee member.


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"Our constitution is who we are. It defines and legitimizes us as a people and a country." Caroline Trench-Sandiford, Deputy Leader of the Opposition (People's United Party), Belize.