Previous Draft Constitutions for an Independent Scotland:

(1) "Scotland's Constitution" (Proposed by the Scottish Provisional Constituent Assembly, 1964).

(2) "A Constitution for a Free Scotland" (Neil MacCormick's text, adopted by the SNP, 2002).

(3) "A Model Constitution for Scotland" (An example text prepared by the Constitutional Commission, 2013).

(4) "Constitutional Platform" (An example of a minimalist interim Constitution, 2013).

(5) "The People's Constitution" (A modifiable text for crowd-sourcing a Constitution, 2013).

Constitutions of similar democracies (for reference and comparison):

(1) Constitution of Malta.

(2) Constitution of Ireland.

(3) Constitution of Sweden (incorporating recent amendments - downloads .pdf)

(4) Constitution of Denmark.

(5) Constitution of Iceland (adopted 1944, as amended through 1999)

(6) Proposed Constitution of Iceland (2011)

(7) Constitution of Luxembourg (available only in French).

(8) Constitution of Latvia.

(9) Constitution of Norway.

(10) A draft Constitution for a Sovereign Quebec - by Daniel Turp

Additional Materials

Citizens not Subjects - SNP's Constitutional policy paper, 1997.

Principles of the Constitution - SNP's Constitutional policy paper, 2002.

Analysis of the (UK) Fixed Term Parliaments Bill

A 'Tribunate' Republic - A radical draft constitution exploring the use of random lot as a supplement to elections.

'Constitution of Anyland' - An experiment in 'generic' constitutionalism; the aim is to produce a 'minimum working Constitution', that protects ECHR rights and establishes democratic processes based on the best practice of European democracies, but does not include any country-specific provisions, nor any unnecessary substantive or symbolic content. 

Constitution of England - A republican constitution for an independent, democratic England.


"Our constitution is who we are. It defines and legitimizes us as a people and a country." Caroline Trench-Sandiford, Deputy Leader of the Opposition (People's United Party), Belize.